Fort Davis Fires, West Texas, April 30, 2011

on the ride to fort davis, presidio, terlingua, big bend, and marfa, this it it. high 70 mph winds cause power lines to cross and then arc and the explosive energy burns the grass and results in fire. and so for three weeks in april 2011 fires burn across west texas scorching everything in its path. rains come and wash the blackness away over time and all is reborn.

there is a dharma wheeler incarnation through cycles of cycles and their various earlier incarnations: a silver honda enduro, a blue and white harley davidson hertitage classic, a maroon bmw 1150 lt, a black bmw 1150 r, a green bmw 1150 rt, a silver bmw 1200 lt, a silver 1150 bmw gsa, a  red ducati 695 monster, a bmw 450X and now the dharma wheel turns again: a new 2011 bmw 2011…the new dharma wheeler…presently manifesting everywhere…

the dharma wheeler's latest incarnation: a 2011 yellow bmw 1200 gsa

early morning near the san juan river. returning home to austin.  fresh sage smell from the rain. desert and rocks. simply early morning. sage and the road. nothing more.

the perfect moment

the san juan river cool and misty in the early morning. cold water steam rises to the air. the fish has not manifested.

the stones greet us as we launch the boat.

the stones

the fish swim beneath the water although we cannot see them yet.

the water

the cold water and air meet to manifest mist on the river.

the river

the fish takes the fly and spends a moment in the circle before returning to the river untouched by human hands.

the fish

and the river flows.

the flow

late afternoon a dark cloud on the horizon, then lightning bolts. outride it? all things pass. it decides to hit hard. a storm, a huge storm, a very huge storm near snyder, new mexico. stopping in a highway shelter in the wet flashing wind torn black with lightning, large hail and rain shooting sideways. forty mile an hour winds try to blow me over. a harley rider who looks like colin ferrell shares the useless small steel ceiling yet we are not protected. into the rain and hail and winds, he rides off. gone.  15 minutes pass. no change. so continuing on…all things are impermanent..hard hard rain and no visibility…at 55mph i suddenly hit a rushing pool of highway washout a foot deep…slow motion while slowly contemplating going down sideways on the machine with a truck rolling over me in this instant pond of fresh earth, branches, and weeds on water….watching this movie while smelling the mud and grass…calm and detached but completely in it. but the machine is here in the present moment with the dharma wheel turning. now spinning through through a banzai pipeline tube of water…everything is now….slow motion but present now…all around me…a tunnel and suddenly safety. the rain stops suddenly…the sun appears. exuberance. very alive and now in soaked rain gear into albuquerque for the night. passed and gone. distant mountains flash faintly in the distance.

the flood arises and manifests



750 mile day to new mexico

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750 miles in a day starting in austin at dawn and ending in albuquerque at night. finally underway. 90 mph on texas ih-10 for hundreds of miles in 100f degree heat.

the road